The big picture

Our all-encompassing, sustainable solutions are not just well thought-out; they are also developed for the future. In our specially created competence centers, we exceed expectations and face up to the new challenges that we repeatedly encounter. With our individually developed insurance concepts, we also ensure the optimum advice for our customers, including in an international context.

All-encompassing approach to consultancy

Now, more than ever, risk consultancy on the insurance market needs an intelligent, all-encompassing problem-solving approach in order to find the optimum solutions in increasingly complex circumstances. Only through useful networks of different fields of knowledge and by looking at the bigger picture can problems be detected thoroughly and integrated risk management ultimately be carried out.

National and international knowledge pools

We work with local competence centers in which we gather the experience of the Group together in the form of pooled knowledge through ongoing and recurring processes. The focus is on the divisions Property, Liability, Transport, Motor Vehicle, Occupational Pensions, Loan and International. All of our advisers can access this innovative pool of knowledge very quickly and therefore have excellent technical knowledge immediately available to them when working directly with customers.

Advisers with entrepreneurial spirit

All of our advisers act like entrepreneurs. Their advice has one goal: to increase the benefit to the customer. This is why our customers always speak to specialists that have a high level of technical expertise and are not tied to an insurance company. We therefore provide excellent independent advice on equal terms and ensure that fast, efficient solutions are developed through personal dialogue.


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