ARTUS pursues the ideal of integrity derived from the legend of the Round Table of King Arthur (German: Artus), who our company is named for. This culture, shaped by independence, camaraderie and the common good, still forms the basis for our actions as an international family company today. Fairness is the guiding principle for our partnerships and dialogue.

As a “broker without fear and without reproach”, we put ourselves fully at the service of our customers. This enables unbiased advice and transparent processing. And we make the greatest personal commitment to protecting your interests. The Artus values Aufmerksamkeit [attention], Respekt [respect], Transparenz [transparency], Unternehmertum [entrepreneurship] and Sicherheit [security] form a solid foundation for this and give us direction.


Attention [Aufmerksamkeit]

We take the time to pay attention and listen to our partners and actively seek to engage in dialog with them. We think carefully, assess situations realistically, work diligently and analytically, and provide concrete solutions.

Respect [Respekt]

We treat our customers, partners and colleagues respectfully, fairly and equally. Mutual appreciation and recognition form the basis of our collaboration. We take all matters seriously and handle information in confidence.

Transparency [Transparenz]

Fairness and transparency characterize our dealings on every level. For us, honest, open and reliable dialog is a duty. Our communication is straightforward, with the easily understandable documentation of all procedures.

Entrepreneurship [Unternehmertum]

Our actions are always proactive, responsible and forward-thinking. The business practice of successful small and medium-sized enterprises has shaped us and leads the way for us. We face global market conditions strategically and innovatively.

Security [Sicherheit]

Long-term stable and reliable partnerships are our greatest asset. We maintain them through trust, strong expertise and sustainable solutions. We provide security both as a partner and an employer.

Our success lies in our skills and the high standards of service that have led us to become a brokerage group recognized and highly regarded by customers and insurance companies alike - in our constant development and innovation.

This is how we fulfill our responsibility, which, to us, means far more than just carrying out our tasks. For us, responsibility is part of our duty to our customers and us ourselves.

As a family company, reliability is not just a corporate responsibility but a way of treating our employees, customers, insurers and partners. Our customers can rely on the expertise that our services and employees provide. Our company’s thoughts and actions require flexibility and the ability to make decisions quickly, especially in times in which markets and needs change very quickly. This requires us to understand our customers’ individual needs and adapt to current and future challenges.


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