Even when manufacturing a simple consumer product, the requirements related to the supply chain are complex. Requirements are much higher in projects involving several trades, even more individual products and a variety of skilled workers that must be brought together specially for this one project.

The end product costs several million euros, is outdoors and, from the planning phase until when the warranty expires, is required to give the highest performance for a period of several years.

The ARTUS GROUP assists with several hundred building projects for building contractors, from industry investment to production sites and logistics. Often, the interests of all those involved in the construction are combined and covered as one throughout the entire phase from planning to expiry of the warranty.

Our entrepreneurial approach for the construction industry has developed from numerous discussions with customers, because insurance products are no different to work on a construction site. The purpose of tendering procedures is to obtain the best results on the insurance market. This only works when your ARTUS customer adviser manages the project like a construction site manager and provides comprehensive, industry-specific expert knowledge, whether regarding investments, civil engineering, structural engineering, assembly and construction or commissioning and approval.

We understand the risks that our contractors and customers face and are therefore able to exploit market opportunities. We provide a transparent cost/benefit analysis to demonstrate the limits of the cover. In the case of specific, individual requirements, we also arrange personalized contractual solutions on the insurance market.

Unforeseeable events cannot be ignored. Through direct, immediate communication, we quickly take the necessary action so that the commercial consequences of an incident do not affect the progress of the project. Your commercial security is our goal.


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