Companies in the service sector often work for their customers in a consultancy role, whether in a creative, corporate or technical context. Through providing consulting services, they risk not only their good reputation but also their financial situation; in any case, however, they also risk their existence, if their insurance cover is incomplete. Here at the ARTUS GROUP, you will find an experienced partner with an eye for the essentials and detailed market knowledge.

Financial services are a special case. The industry is of great importance for every economy but, at the same time, is exposed to a number of risks. Highly demanding regulations, political hot spots, cyber attacks, bad debts, digitalization and financial crime make for a complex mix of traditional risks and completely new uncertainties. These are weighted differently and are always changing.

This extraordinary situation requires a professional partner who, on one hand, understands and can identify the risks and, on the other hand, has and develops suitable insurance concepts and ideas. The ARTUS GROUP always has up-to-date knowledge of industry risks and deep insight into the insurance market.

Integrated approaches with cover for individual risks and inclusion in a global concept give our customers personalized options here. Among other things, the solutions include

  • Insurance for strategic financial loss risk - a key risk in the service sector
  • Risk transfer for operating activities such as project financing and capital market products
  • D&O insurance (Directors and Officers)
  • E&O insurance (Errors & Omissions)
  • Cyber risk insurance
  • Political risk insurance
  • Criminal law protection insurance


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