The wood industry has more workers than the automotive and electronics industries. It employs more than 1 million people in more than 160,000 companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The wood industry is also very diverse. Lumber mills process around 35 million square meters of logs. These are used to make modern products such as Konstruktionsvollholz (KVH) construction lumber, Duo- and Triobalken glued solid beams or glued laminated timber (composite lumber).

Wood fiber, oriented strand board, solid wood board, veneer and plywood manufacturers are all part of the timber materials industry. Furniture makers, pallet and packaging manufacturers, energy generation (pellets) and manufacturers of woodworking machinery are also important pillars of the industry.

ARTUS Wood is a key player in the field of risk identification and protection. We build on our many years of experience of risk analysis and always produce personalized, integrated solutions for our customers’ specific circumstances.

A team of our own experts with many years of experience, made up of fire safety engineers, underwriters and jurists, work on solutions together with the wood industry. This requires creativity and lateral thinking - as individual as the product wood itself.


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