While many of our customers manufacture products and machinery or are involved in the distribution of these goods, an industry that is relevant to every sector is running on top form alongside of them. The waste management industry collects, sorts, transports and stores waste materials of all kinds.

Definitely the best solution

Sustainability targets and laws require the conservation of natural resources, the avoidance of waste and the environmentally-friendly disposal of waste. In such times, waste management logistics should be looking forward to unrestricted growth - but the insurance landscape is hampering the industry. Waste management companies understand the problems of property insurance. Due to the significant risk of fire for vehicles and equipment, the protection of most sites is viewed critically. Insurers frequently reject inquiries or stipulate corresponding high premiums and fire safety regulations.

In industries such as waste management logistics, which insurers put into difficult underwriting categories and for which there are only very complex products on the market, our services as an insurance broker are extremely valuable to customers. We at ARTUS help you choose the right coverage models, place experts at your side and develop the best possible solution available on the market for your company!


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