As a family-run company, the ARTUS GROUP has grown with the market and, with its extensive experience, is one of the key logistics partners. We understand the market and the dynamics of the industry. Providing you with optimum insurance protection is our profession and our passion. From carrying out risk analyses and reviewing storage and logistics contracts to representing your interests when handling claims, we are a reliable partner for a secure future.

Definitely the best solution

  • ARTUS logistics concepts for carriers’ liability, transport, property, legal liability and motor vehicle insurance, with industry-leading special features
  • Contract reviews of storage and logistics contracts, for example
  • Analysis of frequent claims
  • Warnings, such as warning of the insolvency of Hanjin Shipping
  • Training for your employees in the field of transport and carriers’ liability insurance
  • Network of claims adjusters

German logistics companies are renowned for their outstanding quality and some specialize in high-grade services. Its central location in Europe and the overall very strong, export-oriented German industry increase both the market potential and the complexity of the logistics industry further. It has now become one of the largest industries in Germany.

Logistics companies, storage companies, shipping companies and transport companies provide a wide range of solutions for their customers’ needs with regard to geographical location, weight, size and type of product. Transport companies always have to make deliveries punctually and reliably, handle their freight with care and deal with a variety of risks that could threaten their good reputation or even their survival. A challenge that all logistics companies find easier when they know that they have reliable cover in their line of work.


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